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A Wild Sexy Cruise

    A non-stop adventure that happens during one week on a cruise ship, this erotic tale is not for the timid.

    The characters have different tastes and surprising backgrounds, all calculated to arouse and stimulate the reader.

    The narrative includes graphic descriptions of sensual acts between consenting adults.

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Evening With a Rock Star


    A look behind the scenes, this erotic novel is about two girl friends attending a rock concert and what happened afterward.

    The girls get caught up in the alcohol and drugs readily available at the concert. The after-concert party of kinky sex for both girls adds spice to an unforgettable evening with a rock star.


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* * * * * Five Star Rated

Adventures of Foxy

    As he moves from city to city, adventures of this genre will appeal to those men and women who have these erotic fantasies and secret desires.

    Light, playful bondage adds to the feeling of helplessness and tends to raise the anxiety level, increasing the effectiveness of any stimulation.


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* * * * Five Star Rated

Beauty and the Beach

     An unforgettable evening when he meets a girl on Miami's South Beach who is looking for a wild adventure.

   The experience turns out to be wilder than she could ever imagine as she becomes his helpless play-toy.

   He adds spice to her life as they experience sensual highs together, making her visit to South Beach a memorable one.


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From Hair To Eternity


    A bored hair stylist has a glass of wine with a mature customer.

    He shows her erotic role play that makes her life exciting.



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Kit’s Case For Role Playing

He doesn’t think many men don’t know how to pleasure a woman. Many are “wham-bam, thank you ma’am” kind of guys whose physical pleasure from intercourse is simply an enhanced form of masturbation with almost no concern for the female partner, as in a ‘quickie’ or in rape.


Statistics confirm that many men have difficulty forming a real relationship with a woman, evidenced by the vast number of single moms. Many of these men tend to consider a woman to be a mere play toy. One has to wonder if that would explain the alleged drugging and raping attacks, a not-uncommon occurrence.


Tender foreplay with a loving partner culminating in mutual orgasm is probably the highest form of sex. Unfortunately, as the years go by, married sex tends to become routine and not very exciting.


There is strong evidence that sex for both men and women is ninety percent mental, which is one of the reasons that role playing has gained in popularity. To enhance the sense of touch, these methods consist of the elimination visual distractions with blindfolds and creatively increasing anxiety levels with light bondage. Some people call it kinky sex, but many testify that the accomplishment of these goals definitely makes the passion more exciting.


As many people testify, role play of this type makes their nerves come more alive and more receptive to partner stimulation. Advocates say, that if properly done, the orgasm is just the icing on the cake. These novels assumes that to be true, while not taking a position of condemning or condoning these practices.


Obviously, this role play is not for everybody since almost nothing is accepted by 100% of the people. There are a few people around who don’t even like chocolate.

     Movie making was never like this.

     Mason impresses his buddies with his skills while Lana has no idea that she’s becoming a movie star.




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